Viper Equity Partners Expands M&A Reach into Multi-Office Dental Deals with Plan to Facilitate DSO Transitions in 2020


PALM BEACH, Fla., July 23, 2019 8:28 a.m. ET /PRNewswire/ -- On Monday, July 22, 2019, Viper Equity Partners of Palm Beach ("Viper") announced strong Q2 results and its expanding reach into larger multi-location dental practice deals suitable for rapid value creation for its dental support organizations (DSOs) partners.

Viper corners America's growth transition and M&A advisory market for medical practices, especially in dentistry. Dental deals hit a record peak this unusually active summer. According to Ross Schneider, Vice President of Business Development: "We received over 30 letters of intent (LOIs) this June, and our book of deal inventory rose to over $700MM. Working with single practice owners is our core business, but roll-ups and multi-location deals have become popular."

Consolidation and multiples are reaching record highs too, enabling Viper to expand deals into multi-office practices with revenues over $20MM, thereby adding new DSO and sub-DSO buy-side clients. Don Schwall, Viper's Vice President of Corporate Development explains: "During Q2, our transactions evolved from 1 to 3 office practices to comprise multi-office dental practices with 15 to 30 locations in concentrated geographies in prime states."

Viper's vision remains clear: to deliver value-added action and indispensable advice to its clients and partners throughout the entire M&A process. Their new North Palm Beach offices house an expanded finance division. Services include package development, financial modeling and forecasting, as well as practice audits. Viper also added a multi-team closing division to facilitate post-LOI diligence through closing for all clients. Further, by partnering with the operational improvement firm Aligned Dental Partners, Viper now focuses on groups of offices looking to integrate into a DSO. This collaboration structures them and boosts EBITDAs for market readiness.

David Branch, Viper Founder, elaborates: "These are exciting times. Our Plan for 2020 will launch integrated and non-integrated DSOs, as well as alignment with DSOs for their recapitalization events."

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About Viper: Viper Equity Partners is America's leading growth transition and M&A advisory firm in dentistry, dermatology, and plastic surgery, with over $1.5 billion closed since 2009. Viper's M&A expertise and exclusive relationships with private equity-funded organizations are unique. The Viper Team consults with practice-owning doctors and groups from integration and marketing to offer negotiations and diligence to the closing table with high integrity and velocity. For more information, visit

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