Viper Equity Partners Executives Talk Aesthetics Industry Consolidation in Inaugural Issue of Aesthetic Authority

PALM BEACH, Fla., May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Viper Equity Partners Principal David C. Branch and SVP of Aesthetics Nina Das lent their expertise of smart consolidation in the aesthetics industry to the inaugural print issue of Aesthetic Authority, the newest publication by medical media company MJH Life Sciences.

Branch and Das contributed their knowledge about emergent consolidation in aesthetics in an article introducing the topic to industry leaders. Consolidation in the medical industry is rapidly growing, with one in four healthcare professionals polled by data and analytics platform Definitive Healthcare ranking industry consolidation as the most important trend in 2019. Consolidation is now entering aesthetics after turning sights onto medical dermatology. "In 2017, we saw the business of plastic surgery become the next big target of private equity (PE) after a nascent dermatology run," Branch states in the article.

Trends in recent years have made aesthetics an attractive healthcare target for private equity group (PEG) investors. As of April 2020, nationwide estimates indicate plastic surgery is less than 1% consolidated and dermatology a mere 7%. Moreover, consumer interest in minimally and noninvasive treatments outpaced interest in surgeries for the first time in 2018. Per RealSelf's Aesthetics Trends Report in 2019, interest spiked 20% for micro-needling, 40%-60% for lasers, fillers and thread lifts, and 450% for body contouring. This rising tide creates cross-referral, scale-up opportunities, a strategic approach that Viper Equity Partners is pioneering with its launch of a $100 million PEG-backed dermatology and plastic surgery platform.

Das affirms, "Viper is delighted to join hands with media giant MJH Life Sciences and its bleeding-edge Aesthetic Authority channel. Our sponsorship is fitting. We are both healthcare leaders. We both believe in the 'medical aesthetics' boom— the market of 'truly medical' spas and clinics merging dermatologists with plastic surgeons to offer preventive and elective protocols to patients of all demographics, genders and ages in the least invasive, most artistic fashion."

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